Tortuga Inn Beach Resort - Bradenton Beach, FL

This once very 60's beach front resort was literally rebuilt inside and out and is now one of the island's most beautiful and most popular destinations.

This old gulf front hotel was redesigned by the Island's famous designer "Emily Anne Smith".

The property and its assortment of 1950's styled buildings and rooms stretched from the gulf of Mexico to Sarasota bay.

When we began, we stripped everything down to the structural walls. Only the roofs remained and even some of those were replaced. The project was done in phases so the new owners could begin using the new suites and redesigned efficiencies and rooms as soon as they were completed.

By the summer of 2001, we had completed the renovation to all of the existing buildings except for one on the bay side.

The pictures tell most of the story; however you must see this property to really appreciate the workmanship and spectacular finished product.

You may also visit the resort's web site to see more or get info about staying there.

Photos (click image to see enlarged photo)